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Welcome to the life, work and witness of

St. Andrew's Presbyterian church

Celebrating 170 years

Welcome to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Barrie

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  • Our Mission

    As a congregation of Christ’s people, we seek to discover, celebrate & share the love of God. Through worship, prayer, praise & service, we endeavour to follow the compassionate example of Jesus Christ to our neighbours, and the world.

  • Worship

    Every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m., through music and song, prayer, preaching and study, we share the biblical story of God’s love for all the world as revealed in Jesus Christ. Week by week, we faithfully and joyfully gather to lift up our hearts.

  • Ministries

    Nursery, Church School, Bible Studies, Women’s, Missionary Society, Pastoral Care Team, Youth Group Summer Vacation Bible Camp, Music, Out of the Cold Program, Mission & Outreach, Art Guild. Call for more information.


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Butterfly Tree of Hope

 Upcoming Bereavement Group

“Grief is a journey of the heart. The only way to the other side of grief is through.”    The task of our bereavement group is to be companions who honour that journey in ourselves and In one another.

 If you are interested in participating, we are asking that you register now for the group which will be limited to 10 participants. This will help us to determine whether we can do the group online through Zoom in the immediate future, or if we do indeed need to wait until our church is open once again.   You can register, or if you have questions about the group, by calling, or emailing, Mary Helen Garvin (see 2021 phone directory).  

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 to Worship with us on Sunday

anytime after 10am on You Tube 

Welcome to St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Barrie. This is an active congregation with plenty of opportunities for growth and sharing. Be sure to connect with us regularly and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.

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