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Welcome to our website, and welcome to the life, work and  witness of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church! As you explore the tabs and check out the areas of our congregational life, we hope you will begin to see a clearer picture of who we are as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since 1849, we have been a community of Christ's followers, dedicated to growth in worship, study, mission service and fellowship. Our congregation meets weekly for worship at 10:00 a.m on Sunday mornings, eager to proclaim our thanksgiving to God for the gifts of grace, mercy and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Our various groups, events and activities throughout the week offer enriching opportunities to grow in faith and community, and to address the hopes and aspirations of people of all ages as they seek to be faithful to God in word and deed. We invite you to join with us on a Sunday morning or come along to a weekly activity or community event which we are sponsoring. In every kind of way, it is our hope that we can share together the love of God made known to us in Jesus Christ, and in so doing, become a blessing to one another. Feel free to drop us a line if we can be of help in any way.

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So welcome to our website, and happy browsing!

Rev. Dr. Rick Horst


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