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Ministries Teams

Women’s Missionary Society


Mission and Outreach Team:
Information, education, and action re community needs, Presbyterians Sharing, and Presbyterian World Service and Development inform the work of this team. We meet monthly via e-mail or in person.

The Membership Team:
Our team meets the fourth Tuesday of September, November, January, March and May in the church library.

We are responsible for:

  • The Welcoming Ministries at St. Andrew's including: Arranging for greeters, ushers and elevator operators for all the worship services
  • Reaching out to new people at worship
  • Supporting the Pastoral care team who visit, send cards and call our people who are at home, in hospital and/or are ill
  • Supporting the work of the Cradle Roll Secretary who welcomes children and their families at baptism
  • Supporting communications both within and outside the church family through “The Awareness” – Our church newsletter, our website, the “Calendar of Events”, the outdoor sign and advertising in local newspapers and brochures
  • Promoting “The Every Home Plan” for The Presbyterian Record, our national church magazine

Education Team:
Our Education Team is responsible for overseeing the various learning opportunities through St. Andrew's for all ages and interests. They meet monthly to encourage the educational activities of the congregation, and to monitor participation in the various program offerings.

Stewardship Team:
Churches, just like our homes need resources to operate. One of the most important resources for a church is volunteers. If no one contributed their time and talents the church could not operate successfully. Everyone has different skills that taken together create a vibrant church. Of course financial resources are also important.  A strong financial position enables us to continue the important missions of St. Andrew's.

The Stewardship Team is responsible for stewardship awareness within the congregation. November is Stewardship Month where the focus is on Stewardship.

The Stewardship Team also organizes a number of activities throughout the year to raise funds to contribute to the operating budget.

Another important aspect of our church's financial well being is the St. Andrew's Endowment fund. Established in 2008 it continues to grow and will increasingly provide resources to fund our ongoing missions here at St. Andrew's. For more information click  Endowment Fund

Estate Planning is also an important opportunity for members to contribute to the ongoing mission of  St. Andrew's. For more information about Estate Planning click  Planned Giving

Worship & Memorial Team:
The members of the Worship & Memorial Team, under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Rick Horst and Director of Praise, Chris Bohdanowicz, meet every few months to discuss upcoming worship services and any special music pertaining to these.

Part of the responsibilities of our team is to invite members of our congregation to read Scriptures, Responsive Psalms, and the Living Faith Statement each Sunday, as well as for Lent and Advent.

We also design banners, prepare floral arrangements and are in charge of decorating the Sanctuary for both ordinary Sundays and for special occasions such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Different “groups” within our team are the choir, the “CD Ministry” and those who enjoy creating floral decorations for the Sanctuary. Any memorial donations or gifts are also brought to the attention of our team.

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