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Women’s Missionary Society


The Women’s Missionary Society of St. Andrews, Barrie meets the first Monday of each month except for June, July, August and December. In June and December the meeting along with a pot luck lunch is held on the first Wednesday of the month. There are no meetings in .July and August

The purpose of the WMS is to encourage one another and all the people of the church to be involved in local and world mission, through prayer, study service and fellowship, in response to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Through PWS&D, we have 2 mission projects that are sponsored each year. In 2016 the projects are Maya-Mam Women in Guatemala and the Arise ministry in Toronto.

Maya-Mam Women in Guatemala – The Maya-Mam people living in the western highlands of Guatemala face discrimination and deep rooted poverty borne out of decades of civil war. A lack of economic opportunity and environmental concerns such and climate change, encroaching mining operations, and deforestation make it difficult for families to break the cycles of poverty. Over 75% of the children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition and food insecurity on a daily basis.

This Together We Can project will enable families to eat more and better food by improving agricultural practices. Growing a variety of crops including fruits, vegetables and protein rich beans will have a healthy, nutritional impact on families. Indigenous land rights, women’s empowerment and cultural identity will also be addressed through the project.

Arise Ministry – provides outreach, case management and pastoral care for women involved in or seeking to exit the sex trade. Arise helps to empower those individuals through relationships and goal setting so they can advocate for themselves and reclaim their lives.

Arise also provides street outreach to the prostitution sector by strolling one night a week in partnership with the Young Street Mission and building partnerships with organizations that serve at-risk children and youth with the hope of preventing involvement in the sex trade.


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